CREEPER AQ PLUS is a water-based low smoke generator. Unlike most low smoke machines on the market, it is based on ultrasonic technology. The main consumable is purified water, no need for dry ice. More environmentally friendly, but also more profitable. It has two tanks: one of 3L for the smoke fluid and the other of 35L for water for a long duration of effect. In addition, the density of the fog, the humidity and the speed of the fan are adjustable which allows a certain versatility to respond to various situations. Controllable by DMX or wireless remote control. Compared to CREEPER AQ, CREEPER AQ PLUS has a more powerful fog outlet and covers a wider area.

With your machine : 4 Drum of Low Fog included.


Professional fire liquid of the Isopar type, ready to use for flame creation. It is suitable for many machines on the market but you must check the compatibility with your equipment before use. This liquid can be transported by road, sea and air provided that you follow the recommendations of the Safety Data Sheet and the Technical Data Sheet which can be downloaded from our website. Its flash point is at 62 °, at room temperature its non-alcoholic composition makes it ignite only pulverized into fine droplets.

This product should only be used by authorized and professional people in the field of Special Effects or Pyrotechnics.